A Disclaimer on Dice

It has occurred to me that throughout my reviews, I have made a hypocrite of my tagline. While “Let’s Roll with it” very adequately describes my outlook on games, it doesn’t adequately describe my library of games. Over the 25 board and card games that I own, it occurred to me that only four of them involve dice. While that likely wouldn’t have been a problem, everyone knows how to play Risk and Monopoly; and while Boggle has dice, they aren’t “dice” in the sense of having pips and representing denominations. Therefore, the only game left to review, with dice, it the classic Settlers of Catan. Hopefully, I will be able to pick up more dice-centric games in the future, otherwise, I’ll likely have to change the tagline. But until then, I hope you don’t “flip out” over the number of card-based reviews.